Chain Phantoms together

Individual Phantoms bring valuable data when used separately. But chained together, the sky is the limit. When you chain Phantoms, you use the output results of one Phantom as the input for another Phantom, essentially connecting them together to create an automation sequence. So how do you create workflows this way?


Important note: before you begin, please note that chaining will only work with Phantoms from the same platform (e.g. chaining a LinkedIn Phantom to an Instagram Phantom won't work!)

In the scenario given below, we will link the LinkedIn Search Export to the LinkedIn Profile Scraper. Chaining these two Phantoms together will allow to:

1/ Extract the results of a LinkedIn search

2/ Scrape these profiles and retrieve all the available data

Thanks to this sequence, you'll be able to extract + scrape profiles on automatic (don't forget to set up automatic and repeated launches to automate the process even more!)

1. Launch Phantom 1

After you make the first successful launch of a Phantom, you'll notice a new "Files" section on the right of its console page, where you'll find the spreadsheet containing the data you scraped:



2. Use Phantom 1's output as Phantom 2's input

Now let's go to the setup of the second Phantom you're interested in. On the "Profiles to scrape" step, you'll see a "My Phantoms" option. Beneath will be a dropdown menu with a list of the compatible Phantoms on your Dashboard. Here you should select the Phantom whose results spreadsheet you would like to use as input for the current Phantom:


For example, if you've used LinkedIn Search Export and now want to scrape the profiles you exported for LinkedIn Profile Scraper, you should select LinkedIn Search Export from the dropdown list.

Once you've filled in and saved the rest of your settings, you're good to go - congrats, they’re chained! When you launch Phantom 2, it will process all of the data you've collected from Phantom 1. And, even better; as this first Phantom continues to collect new data and update the CSV in question, the second Phantom will have access to it all dynamically. You can take a look at our article on setting up repeated launches to make the most of this feature.

If you want to go even further and learn how to chain several Phantoms together, don't hesitate to check our blog article on the subject!


Have fun chaining Phantoms!


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