Specify input column

If you use a spreadsheet as input, the Phantom doesn't know which data it should process. Should it read the data in Column, A, B, or C? By default, it will take the data from Column A of your sheet. If you'd like it to take data from somewhere else, you need to specify the column within your setup.

When configuring a Phantom, you might have wondered how this field works:



When you give PhantomBuster a spreadsheet as an input, its multiple columns each have a name:


The "Column name" referred to above is NOT the column letter, but the title as found in row 1. 

If you don't specify anything, PhantomBuster will process the 1st column of your spreadsheet by default. However, if you want the input to be the 5th column - twitterProfile in this example - you should let PhantomBuster know by entering this title in the setup field above:


Be careful to enter the exact column title, this field is quite sensitive! This means you have to be aware of uppercase (i.e. A, B, C) and lowercase (i.e. a, b, c) letters.


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