Automate multiple accounts

Let’s say you have multiple clients who each have their own social media account and you’d like to increase each account’s followers by using the Instagram Auto Follow Phantom (or any other Phantom, for that matter). With Phantombuster, you can easily automate this process not just for one client, but for the whole bunch!



So... how do I use the same Phantom for multiple clients?

Let's start with the My Phantoms page.

Start by going to your account’s ‘Dashboard.’

After finding the Phantom of your choice, click on the three little dots in the top right corner of the Phantom. Choose “Duplicate”:


This will take you to the Setup of the duplicate Phantom you’ve made:

Here, you’ll be able to modify the settings. If you need help inputting another account’s session cookies, scroll down to the section ‘How do I obtain different sets of session cookies?’

After you’ve set up the duplicate Phantom, you can rename it on the Console page:


You can also rename your Phantom from your Dashboard. Simply find the Phantom and rename it by clicking the three little dots on the top right of the Phantom:


Voilà! You now have two Phantoms that you can use with different cookies at different times with different inputs and outputs:



How do I obtain different sets of session cookies?

When you manually log out of your account on a website such as LinkedIn (or Instagram), your session cookies automatically expire. This means that getting a second user’s cookie is not as straightforward as logging out of one account and into a new one, and then using Phantombuster’s browser extension.

Using our simple hack, you’ll be able to log in to another client’s account and obtain their session cookies without logging out of your first client’s account!

First, confirm that you’ve installed the Phantombuster browser extension to get your cookies. Then, on the Setup page of your chosen Phantom, go to the field ‘Session cookie.’

Next, left click (on a PC) or shift+click (on a Mac) on the button ‘Connect to…’ on the right-hand side of the ‘Session cookie’ field:


This will open up the login page of the social network you’re using in a new tab. Once you’ve entered your login details, the tab will automatically close and the new session cookie will have populated the input field. Now, you’re ready to go! 

Pro-tip: You can repeat the above process as many times as you’d like for your different logins on different Phantoms.


Recuperating the cookies manually (aka The Old School Way)

Another way to obtain your cookies is to open a private browser window to log into the other LinkedIn account.

Once you’ve done this, you'll have to obtain your cookies manually, then paste them into the new Phantom's Setup. You can close the private window without having to log out Instagram/LinkedIn/you name it.

You can repeat this in new private windows as many times as you need for as many Phantoms as you need!


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