Use PhantomBuster with Zapier

One way of loading the results of a Phantom's launch into Google Sheets is by using the =IMPORTDATA() formula. However, here we’ll show you how to do it automatically using Zapier.


1. Set up a trigger

Let’s say that you have a specific Phantom on your account as a Trigger for a Zap:

Make sure to launch it at least once successfully so you'll have a good sample. The main thing to look out for in this sample is the "resultObject," with the data you’ll want to inject into your spreadsheet:


2. Set up an action

Now create a new Action: Google Sheets -> "Create Spreadsheet Row." Set it up as usual. Pick a drive, pick a spreadsheet, pick a worksheet.

Now comes the tricky part: injecting the full row of a CSV as it appears. You’ll need to create columns in your Google spreadsheet like this:

Once you’re done, they should appear on Zapier (if not, refresh):

Great. Now you need to tell Zapier which data you want to extract from the "resultObject" (where all the data extracted by PhantomBuster is found) and which column to put it in:

You don’t need to add all columns, only keep those necessary for your next step.

And that's it!


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