Can't access spreadsheet

If you're using a Google Sheet as your Phantom's input to list the data you want it to process, make sure your spreadsheet is publicly accessible. You may have encountered the error, "Spreadsheet not accessible." This means the Phantom is unable to open the spreadsheet to read the data you would like it to process.


Open the document containing your data or create a new one. Click on the "Share" button in the top right corner:


Then under "Get link," click "Change to anyone with the link":


Google will create a shareable public link for you, so that anyone who has this URL will have access to the document. PhantomBuster included!


Click on "Copy link," then go back to your Phantom's setup and paste the copied link into the correct input field:


You're all set! Now your Phantom has the input data it needs to give you the output results you want :)

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