How to set up your first Phantom: Part 1

New to Phantombuster? Don't know where to begin?

No need to worry! Buster created the Tutorial Phantom to help you get to grips with the basics of using your account.

Every Phantom is different, but most have the same basic setup requirements, so using the Tutorial Phantom should give you a good understanding of how to use all the tools you have available to you on Phantombuster.

Let's start with this demo:



Find your LinkedIn connections by city

To begin, you need to find the Phantom you want in the Store.

For now, you'll be using 'Tutorial Phantom 1', which will carry out a basic search to help you find some of your LinkedIn connections in a city of your choice. You'll find it by clicking on the link below:

Tutorial Phantom 1


Give the description a read, then click on 'Use this Phantom'.

Now you just need to give the Phantom some information.


Step 1:

First, you will have to input your session cookies. Your Phantom will need these in order to authenticate as you and act on your behalf on LinkedIn.

Obtaining these is super easy. You can use Phantombuster's browser extension if you are using Chrome or Firefox. You can install it using the button as below:


Alternatively, find it here for Chrome or here for Firefox. Once you've done this, you can click on the 'Get Cookie from LinkedIn' button which will have appeared in place of the previous one.

For another browser, or to get your cookies manually, copy and paste them directly.

The next input the Phantom needs ('Search input') is the name of the city, any city, from which you want the Phantom to find your connections.


Step 2:

In this step, you can choose if you want your Phantom to do its job repeatedly. But we'll get to that later.

To keep it simple for now, choose to launch 'Manually':



Then you can choose if you'd like to receive notifications about your launch.

For now, choose 'None':




Once you've completed these 3 steps to set up your Phantom, you're ready to launch!


When you click the 'Launch' button, you'll notice that your progress bar will show you when the Phantom is Running. At any point if you wish to stop it you can click the 'Stop' button:


Once you've launched your Phantom for the first time, a few useful things will appear on your Console page.

On the left, under 'Recent activity', you will be able to see all the information on each of your launches. If you want even more detail, you can hover over each launch with your mouse and click on 'View log':


To the right, you can view and edit the 'Current setup' of your Phantom, and also find your 'Files':


Your Phantom will have produced data from its launch in both a CSV file and JSON form, consisting of a number of your LinkedIn contacts in the city you chose to search.

You can click on your files to download them, click the 'Download all' button to download everything at once, or right click on the CSV file to copy the link.


And that's it! Congratulations, you've successfully used your first Phantom!


If you're ready to take things to the next level, 'Tutorial Phantom 2' is waiting for you!

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