How to set up your first Phantom: Part 2

New to Phantombuster? Already tried out 'Tutorial Phantom 1' and ready to take it to the next level?

'Tutorial Phantom 2' will demonstrate some more of our Phantoms' features to you.

Let's go with this demo:



Compare your LinkedIn connections by city

'Tutorial Phantom 2' will help you compare your LinkedIn connections across a number of cities.

Click on the link below to access it and proceed to Step 1 of its configuration:

Tutorial Phantom 2



Session cookies & Search input

First, enter your session cookies (you can use our Chrome or Firefox extensions to get them easily).

The 'Search input' is where you tell your Phantom what cities you want to include. This time you will use the URL of a Google Spreadsheet or CSV file as input:


So, let's say you want to search for a few of your connections in 4 different cities; you will need to create a spreadsheet with these listed in the first column like this:


For a Google Sheet, make sure your spreadsheet is publicly accessible so that your Phantom can access it. You can find out how to do this using this article: Spreadsheet not accessible.

Copy the correct link and paste it into the 'Search input' box.


Number of results

With 'Tutorial Phantom 1', your search returned every result it could find in the category you requested. However, you might not always want to be given this volume of data (you may have way too many connections!), or you might just want a specific number of profiles. 

To specify how many profiles you would like your Phantom to return, you'll be asked for two numbers:


The 'Number of results to scrape per search' is the number of profiles you want for each of your search criteria, i.e. for each city. Let's say you want 3 profiles per city, enter this in the 'per search' box.

The 'Number of results to scrape per launch' is the total number of profiles you want from each time the Phantom runs. This feature is especially useful when you're running repeated launches. But to keep it simple for now, you want the Phantom to extract all of your data at once, so you should enter '12' (4 cities x 3 profiles) in the 'per launch' box.

If you do not enter anything in these search boxes the Phantom will automatically set 10 for each.



Complete Steps 2 & 3 as before. And you're ready to launch!

Once your Phantom has run, in the 'Files' section you will find your CSV and JSON results containing 3 of your LinkedIn contacts' profiles from each of the 4 cities you chose.


And that's it! Well done :)

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