Session cookies not working

Did you encounter the error "Expired session cookie" or "Invalid cookie"? Session cookies should expire approximately every 3 months, or when you manually log out of a website. If you find that yours are not working and are expiring too often, you might need to be careful!

What's a session cookie?

Every time you log into your social network account, a new cookie is created for that "session" of time that you remain logged into the account. If you log out or are disconnected, the cookie expires. A new cookie is automatically generated once you log in again. 

Phantoms are able to connect and automate on your behalf with access to these cookies. If the cookie expires, the Phantom can no longer reach your account to process the actions you would like it to process. Websites such as LinkedIn are always on the lookout for bots, so they keep a close eye on your activity. If your activity rate is too high, LinkedIn may see it as suspicious and log you out. This causes your session cookies to expire. All you need to do is log back into your account and then reconnect your Phantom with the new cookies. To get those cookies, use our handy browser extension!

To prevent your cookies from expiring too often, we recommend decreasing your activity rate. One way you can do this is by spreading your Phantoms' actions across several launches throughout the day (during work hours if possible). Setting up repeated launches will make this easy for you.

You should also keep in mind the rate limits for different websites to automating doing too much.

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