Help! What does my "Error" mean?

If you've tried to launch a Phantom but you're seeing "Error", here's a quick way to find out what's going wrong so you can solve the problem:


On a Phantom's Console page, under 'Recent activity' you can see information about each one of your launches. When you hover over an individual launch with your mouse you will see 'View log ->':


Clicking on this will take you to a detailed breakdown of what took place during the launch

For successful launches, the log will show each step taken by the Phantom; each profile visited, each post liked, etc. For launches that returned with an "Error" message, the log will tell you what the error was.

For example, the following log shows that there was a problem with the Phantom's configuration - the session cookie was missing so it could not launch properly:


This way you can resolve your problems more quickly and efficiently!


If you need any help to understand or fix the issue, please contact the Support with your log URL. Buster and his team would be more than happy to help you out :)

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