Phantom errors explained

If you've tried to launch a Phantom but you're seeing "Error," here's a quick way to find out what's going wrong so you can solve the problem.

On a Phantom's console page, under "Recent activity" you can see information about each one of your launches. If the error meaning and solution are not given here, you can find out more by hovering over the individual launch with your mouse and clicking on "View log ->":


This will take you to a detailed breakdown of what took place during the launch, which will include a description of the error encountered by the Phantom so you know how to resolve it.

Continue reading for some common errors and how to solve them.


Expired Session Cookie

The following log shows that there was a problem with the Phantom's configuration - the session cookie was missing so it could not launch properly:


Your session cookies should expire approximately every 3 months, or when you manually log out of a website. If you find yours expiring too often and you're not logging out yourself, it could be that the social network is logging you out as your activity rate is too high.

To prevent this, we recommend you reduce your activity, keeping in mind the rate limits for different websites. These limits apply to the total number of actions done on your account in a single day. This includes actions you might be doing manually, as well as the sum of all of your Phantoms’ actions. If you're unsure of those rate limits, check out Automation rate limits.


Can't access CSV

In order for a Phantom to know what you'd like it to process, you have to give it "input data." Often, you do this in the form of an input spreadsheet.

Make sure your input spreadsheet is publicly accessible, otherwise the Phantom will not be able to open the document to read the data.


Invalid input

Just as your spreadsheet must be publicly accessible for the Phantom to read the data and know what to process, it also needs to be the correct format. Some Phantoms take search URLs, some profile URLs -- it depends on the function of the Phantom. From within that Phantom's setup, the Input section will tell you what kind of input is acceptable for that particular Phantom.

The example below is a LinkedIn Profile Scraper:



Input already processed

Phantoms use the result CSV file to know which inputs it has already processed, skipping them the next launches. So once a profile Url has been processed, it won't be processed again. If the Phantom is displaying a message "Every profile from the input are already processed", it means it has finished the work/ gone through the whole list of the profiles from the input list.

If you are using Phantom's that do not pick up where they left off, and they are launched a second time, they will logically start from the beginning of the input list. This notification will appear in such cases.


[Social Network] disconnected or timed out

Did Facebook or Instagram disconnect or take too long for your Phantom to connect? This could be because the social network thinks your rate of activity is too high. Make sure your session cookies are connected and you're automating within the recommended rate limits.

It might also help to use a proxy. This article, How and why to use a proxy, will help you set one up; this article, Proxy problems, will help prevent common user errors!


Your Sales Nav search URL is too long

If you receive the notification "Search URL is too long" while running the Sales Navigator Search Export, it's good to know that the limit for a search URL is 2048 characters (which is the maximum length for a valid URL on some browsers). This is not a Phantom error, but happens when Sales Navigator can't load the search because of too many characters. This results in Sales Navigator not being able to open these URL's correctly.

Solution: save your search directly on Sales Navigator. The only way to process such search URL's is to save them. 



JavaScript heap out of memory

"Out of memory" means that the Phantom is running out of space to save the CSV
results file at the end of its launch. Phantoms generally cannot save files larger than ~190MB. To solve this, you'll need to consider the input data given. The amount of input directly affects the amount of output data, and therefore size of the results file.

If the input is a single URL, check the "Split the result file" option in the Behavior section of the Phantom's setup. If this Phantom's input consists of multiple URLs, remove from the URLs that have already been processed from the input spreadsheet and change the CSV results file name in the setup.


You aren't able to invite accounts to a LinkedIn event

If you are receiving the error "Missing invite button, maybe [Event URL] has been canceled or is finished" it means the event is most likely finished/cancelled, or you might not be connecting to LinkedIn with the admin profile of the event. So remember to double check!


The Phantom configuration/argument seems invalid

This means there is something wrong with the setup of your Phantom, preventing it from launching and processing the actions as you would like. Double check that you have configured it correctly. Is it connected to the Social Network with your session cookies? Did you give it the proper format of input data? When it doubt, go back to the basics and watch the demo of how to set up a Phantom.


These are just a few examples of potential errors you may encounter. Be sure to search through the Help Center to find more explanations, or reach out to Support directly for help!

Buster and his team would be more than happy to help you out :)

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