Enrich data

Our users love to use Phantoms for data enrichment. There is a fine line between data enrichment and lead generation, but you can always set up more specific strategies:


Here are the most common examples:

  • Enrich your customers’ profiles with their LinkedIn data
  • Enrich companies' profiles with their social media information
  • Enrich leads with their professional emails 

One of the most powerful strategies is to extract a Sales Navigator leads list using Sales Navigator List Export then use the Professional Email Finder Phantom. With your daily Email Discovery credits, you can scrape a lot of their verified and professional email addresses directly into a spreadsheet.   

We’ve detailed 3 strategies to search for professional and verified emails with PhantomBuster in this blog article

You could also extract your CRM to a Google Sheet, then use LinkedIn Profile URL Finder to retrieve the LinkedIn profiles of your customers. Once you’ve done that, you can scrape their profiles to enrich your CRM with valuable data like job title, experience, skills…

If you’ve got company names or domains, you can use Data Scraping Crawler to find additional information about the companies, including their social media profiles. This is crucial if you want to engage with these companies on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. You could also find their employees’ profiles using LinkedIn Companies Employees. 

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