Phantom slots

Each subscription comes with a certain number of Phantom slots - this number is the maximum you can have simultaneously on your Dashboard.

  • 5 with a Growth Hacker Plan
  • 10 with a Business Plan
  • 20 with an Enterprise Plan
  • 40 with a Premium Plan 

Let’s illustrate this with a simple example:

If you want to use PhantomBuster for LinkedIn prospecting from a single LinkedIn account, here is the use case workflow and the relevant Phantoms needed to complete each step:

  1. Extract search results (LinkedIn Search Export)
  2. Connect with the profiles (LinkedIn Network Booster)
  3. Monitor accepted requests (LinkedIn Contacts Extractor)
  4. Send a follow-up message (LinkedIn Message Sender)

For this particular workflow, you need 4 Phantom slots in order to use each of the relevant Phantoms.

You can delete a Phantom installed on your Dashboard at any time - just note that if you delete a Phantom, you’ll lose all of its documents and data and these will not be retrievable.

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