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PhantomBuster has several ways to help with your lead generation.

As mentioned, our most popular are LinkedIn & Sales Navigator Phantoms. We also offer Google Maps scraping Phantoms and many for other networks to allow you to source your leads from multiple different places. 

The most common use cases for lead generation on LinkedIn include:

  • Sending connection requests with a follow-up message
  • Scraping profiles to enrich your sales prospecting pipe
  • Scheduling LinkedIn message sequences
  • Searching for professional emails of Sales Navigator leads

LinkedIn (or Sales Navigator) Search Export comes at the dawn of these prospecting strategies. After exporting profiles from a search, you can connect with them using LinkedIn Auto Connect (formerly known as the Network Booster) or scrape their profile data using LinkedIn Profile Scraper.

Here is a complete guide to building this kind of strategy on LinkedIn.

Exporting a search is not the only way to get a fresh list of leads. You could get them from groups, post comments/likes, or even company pages! Check out all of our recommended use cases.

For example, you can automate your lead magnet strategy with PhantomBuster: tease the lead magnet with a post, continuously extract profiles who comment, then send them a message with the lead magnet.

Another great strategy apart from LinkedIn combines Google Maps Search Export + Data Scraping Crawler. This workflow will help you save literally days of work by extracting every result from a Google Maps search then visiting the websites of each one to extract phone numbers, email addresses, and social media contact info.

Check out this page for more opportunities for lead generation with PhantomBuster.


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