PhantomBuster's email discovery service

Want Buster to find the emails you need? Use the PhantomBuster email discovery service available with our LinkedIn Profile Scraper, Sales Navigator Profile Scraper, LinkedIn Lead Generation Workflow, Professional Email Finder, and many more Phantoms!


An account's daily email discovery credits correspond to the number of attempts made per day at finding a verified professional email address. The service uses a full name and company name to find an email address, then verifies its authenticity so as to only return those that are correct. Thus one credit = one attempt for one person.

Each PhantomBuster plan comes with a certain amount of Email Discovery credits:

  • 20 per day with a Growth Hacker Plan (~500 per month)
  • 70 per day with a Business Plan (~2,100 per month)
  • 300 per day with an Enterprise Plan (~9,000 per month)
  • 1500 per day with a Premium Plan (~45,000 per month)

It's important to keep in mind that it's not always possible to find the correct email address, so the return rate may not always equal the number of credits you have.

One thing that can have a bearing on your success rate is the industry you're targeting in email searches, as some industries are more predictable than others, giving the service a better shot at finding the correct email. For example, doctors often use their personal emails and gmails, making it more difficult to guess the endless possibilities of their email username. Other industries and corporations are relatively easy, often using the same variation of name x company name in their email addresses.

But never fear! When Buster finds the emails, they are always:

  • Professional and nominative, like
  • Verified, because Buster likes to double check their accuracy before delivering them to you.
  • GDPR compliant; all the emails have been generated by algorithms.

How does PhantomBuster's email discovery service affect rate limits?

Very important to keep in mind when using PhantomBuster's email discovery service, is to automate half the recommended rate limit amount. Reason being, the Phantom needs to open 2 pages per profile to run the email search. So for example, the LinkedIn Profile Scraper Phantom has a rate limit of scraping 80 profiles per day, but with Email Discovery enabled- it would be 40 profiles per day. 

So how do you use PhantomBuster's email discovery service?

The most targeted Phantom for finding emails is our Professional Email Finder. This Phantom takes the information you have (name + company or website) then searches for the relevant email. The more input information you can give the Phantom, the more likely it is that it will find the emails you need.

As previously mentioned, we have several other Phantoms that search for emails in addition to their other actions, such as scraping profiles. For all email Phantoms, you configure the Email Discovery service within the Setup.

In your Phantom's Setup, you have the option to "Choose an email discovery service":


To use your plan's available credits, select "PhantomBuster." You can also use whatever Email Discovery credits you may have with one of our partners, Dropcontact, * and If you select one of these options, you will be prompted to provide that API key. 

*For specifically, it does not have the functionality to search by full name and company name. Their API only allows the search by full name and company domain.

Finish your Phantom's Setup, launch it, then sit back and watch those emails roll in!


For more information regarding emails at PhantomBuster, check out How to get email addresses using PhantomBuster.

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