URL Finder Phantoms

Use PhantomBuster to find profile URLs on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Here's the complete list of PhantomBuster URL Finders:


URL Finder Phantoms use search engines 

These Phantoms use search engines to find the URLs. When too many requests are processed from our IP addresses, the Phantom can get blocked for a few minutes. 

The Phantom will then display the error message "No more search engines available, please retry later." In this case, you just need to wait about 15 minutes before relaunching the Phantom. 


Improve your results

In order to get better results, specify your searches by adding more details about each profile. 

Set all the data in one column, separate them by a space only, and use one row per profile:

first name last name company country
 first name last name company position


Don't like your results? Try another Phantom

Another alternative is to use Search Export Phantoms to search for these profiles on their respective social networks directly. 

If you do so, set the Phantom to only get one result per search: 

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