Create a company Org account

If you're using PhantomBuster with your team and would like to have multiple people be able to access one account, we can create an Org account for your team.


Your company Org will act as a separate account from your personal accounts which every Org member will have access to, where you can purchase a separate plan and create separate Phantoms which you will all be able to use.

If you'd like us to create one for you, you must first make sure each of you has created an account, then reach our Support with the following details:

  • The Org name
  • The email address of the Org admin
  • The email address(es) of the Org member(s) (linked to your existing PhantomBuster accounts)

Once we have this information we'll get the Org set up for you.


N.B.: For now we aren't able to transfer any paid plans, Phantoms, or billing details across to your Org, so you'll have to create new Phantoms, select a new plan, and re-enter your details there.

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