PhantomBuster charges explained

Here we've gathered a few things you should know about PhantomBuster billing :)


When you will be charged

If you're using our free trial, you will not be charged at the end of it unless you choose to take a paying plan. When you select a subscription plan, you will be charged up front for the month, or year if you have chosen annual billing, and your subscription will roll over automatically unless you cancel it.

Just be aware that when you cancel, your account will be immediately returned to a Free Forever plan and your resources updated to match, so we recommend cancelling your plan close to your next payment date in order to make full use of what you paid for.

You can read more on when you will be charged in this article.



Our prices are displayed in US dollars as standard, but you may be charged in either dollars or euro, depending on our payment service provider. There is no way for us to force a payment in either currency. If you are charged in euro, the final price will depend on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, and therefore may vary slightly from month to month.

Your invoices will display the payment amount in the currency you were charged in, as well as your local currency. They will also display the exchange rate at the time of purchase.



If you are an individual based in a European country, you may be charged more for your PhantomBuster subscription than the prices you see on our Pricing page. This extra cost is VAT, the rate of which will be determined by the country of your address.

If you are a company based in Europe, you will not be charged VAT as long as you have entered your VAT ID on your account along with your billing details (this excludes France). If you have omitted your VAT ID from your account and have therefore been wrongfully charged VAT, please first enter it in the Org settings of your account before contacting our Support - we cannot refund the VAT, but we will replace your invoices so that they will display your VAT ID, and you will be able to claim the tax back.

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