User settings vs Org settings

You may have noticed your account has two settings: User and Org. These settings allow you to change the email associated with your account, password, VAT, and more.

In the upper right corner of your PhantomBuster account, click your name to view all of the options:


Check out the Proxies and Billing articles to understand those options. For full details about navigating the website and your Dashboard, check out Organize your Dashboard and Phantom console.

User settings

Your User settings allow you to change your name, email associated with your PhantomBuster account, and password. You can also input your company and job title, but that's not mandatory.

This is also where you can select to enable the developer mode, as well as email notifications:


To understand developer mode, check out Developers: Enable developer features. For more details about emails you receive from PhantomBuster, see Unsubscribe from PhantomBuster emails.

Don't forget to click "Change settings" to save any changes!

Org settings

Within your Org settings, you can edit your payment information, VAT, third party API key, and view the other members in your Org.

Every account has at least one Org, or "Organization." This default Org is your personal Org. In the example below, it's Org of Ellen.


It's also possible to have more than one Org, in which case you would see the settings for each Org when you click on your name in the Navigation Bar. In the example below, the user can either click Org of Ellen or Phantombuster to access two different Orgs, each of which have different amounts of resources.


Having more than one Org is great if you want to share a subscription plan with your colleagues. To do that, check out Create a company Org account. 

Again, don't forget to save any changes you make to your Org settings by clicking "Change settings."


If you have any additional questions about your User or Org settings, don't hesitate to reach Support by clicking the Support button, or emailing


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!

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