Resolved: Abnormal elevated LinkedIn account restrictions

LATEST UPDATE: LinkedIn has confirmed via this tweet that the issue is fixed. Hurray 👏

UPDATE: Things seem to be getting back to normal. We're testing Phantoms that visit LinkedIn profiles, and it seems to be working again. We're still monitoring the situation. Here is the official LinkedIn announcement.

We're currently investigating an issue with our Phantoms that visit LinkedIn profiles. 

It seems that LinkedIn recently misconfigured its algorithm to restrict some accounts automatically.

The effect is that some of our users using Phantoms that visit LinkedIn profiles could be logged out of their LinkedIn session or even have their LinkedIn account restricted for a period of time.

Please note that this behavior is not specific to PhantomBuster nor any automation tools in general. We're seeing LinkedIn accounts being restricted even without any automated tool usage.

The situation is ongoing, and we'll keep this article updated with new information as we learn.

LinkedIn is aware of the situation and is working on fixing the problem, as per their tweet here

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