Find and manage invoices

Each time you successfully make a payment on PhantomBuster, an invoice will be generated. You can find all of your invoices at any time on your Billing page, by clicking "See invoices."


Enter invoice details

When entering your billing details, if your billing information is different from the information you would like to appear on your invoice (e.g. you need company details on your invoice), under "Invoice information" you should select "Enter company information."

Be sure to enter your VAT ID if you have one!

Change invoice details

After having initially filled in the information you want displayed on your invoices, it can be found in the "Billing" section of your Workspace settings:


If you would like to change any of these details on your invoices, e.g. company name, you should first change the relevant field in your Workspace settings, then contact our Support to ask for a replacement.



If you have omitted your VAT ID from your account and wrongfully been charged VAT, please first enter it in your Org settings before contacting our Support - we cannot refund the VAT, but we will replace your invoices so that they will display your VAT ID, and you will be able to claim the tax back.


Invoices will display the payment amount in US dollars as well as your local currency, and the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

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