Plan features

Each subscription plan is characterized by different quantities of these main features:

  • Phantom slots: the number of Phantoms you can have installed on your account simultaneously
  • Execution time: the total amount of time available for your Phantoms to run
  • Email discovery credits: the number of professional emails you’ll be able to search for

Execution time and Email Discovery credits are counted on a monthly basis.

Each of these characteristics increases according to the subscription plan:





Phantom slots

5 slots

15 slots

50 slots

Monthly execution time

20 hours

80 hours

300 hours

Monthly email credits

500 emails

2,500 emails

10,000 emails

Price /month





What if you’d like to use one PhantomBuster account for multiple people?

Let’s say you’re a team of 3 salespeople using the same PhantomBuster account and you each want to automate your respective LinkedIn accounts.

If you'd like an Workspace account which you and each of your team members can all access, check out Create a Workspace!

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