How to set up your Phantom without using a Google spreadsheet

If you’re not able to use Google spreadsheet to process multiple inputs for your Phantom, this article will show you a way around it! 


Step 1: Upload a CSV file to the Phantom's File browser

You can use any CSV file (from Excel, Open Office, or whatever CSV-editing software you are using) as input.
First, go to your Phantom’s File browser by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of your Phantom:




From there, upload your CSV file by either dragging it or by clicking on the cloud in the upper right corner:



Step 2: Copy its URL link

Right-click on your CSV file and copy the link address:



Step 3: Use it as input for another Phantom

Go back to your Phantom’s setup and paste the CSV link in the input section: 



Save your setup and launch the Phantom to get your results!

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