PhantomBuster’s Live Chat Support

In a constant strive to improve our services, the Customer Support team is excited to offer you our new Live chat! We’ve heard your feedback, and now you are able to benefit from immediate assistance thanks to our dedicated support agents.

 Who can benefit from the Live Chat?

For now, Live Chat is only available for certain user segments while we are experimenting with a beta version. If you do not see the Live Chat option available on the support tab, do not worry - we are still supporting you by email throughout the day, as per usual. 

 Where to find it?

If you are eligible for this service, you will have the choice to either send an email or start a chat with one of our agents. Click on the “Support” button and choose the type of assistance you would like. 


If there are multiple users already connected to the dedicated agents, you will be added to a queue and notified which position in the queue you are.

When can you use it (opening hours)?

The Live chat will be available Monday to Thursday: 10.30 am- 1 pm and 2 pm- 19.15 pm CET, and on Friday mornings 10.30 am- 1 pm CET. Any support required beyond these times will need to be submitted through our responsive ticketing system. 

Topics handled on the chat vs on tickets

Some topics are better handled over email, than through Live support. If we feel like your question on a Live chat needs further investigation and input from our engineers, we revert it into an email which we will respond to as soon as possible- after necessary research. Here is a general breakdown of the different topics that can be requested through Live chat & email. 

Live chat topics  

Questions related to onboarding

How to use PhantomBuster

Phantom recommendations

Questions about rate limits

Tips and best practices


Feature requests

Email topics

Phantom & workflow errors

Issues with Results Files

Partnership requests


Take note: If your chat has been converted into a ticket and we are in discussion over email, we kindly ask that you do not request any additional Live chat support on top of this. Any further questions you may have will be addressed over email in the existing thread. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Support directly. We are happy to help!

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