Profile out of your network

The "Profile out of network" error message appears when you try to scrape data from a LinkedIn profile that's outside of your network. This means that you don't have a direct connection with the profile, and you're not connected to any of their connections either.


LinkedIn imposes restrictions on the visibility of profiles beyond your network, potentially limiting your access to certain data. For a detailed explanation, refer to LinkedIn's official guidelines!

If your contacts and network are minimal, scraping information may not be possible. Enhancing your network by adding valuable connections increases the likelihood of successfully connecting with others on LinkedIn.

To avoid getting this issue, you can try building your network by adding valuable connections. We recommend using our LinkedIn Auto Connect Phantom to automate your connection requests on LinkedIn and help you grow your professional network.

With a regular LinkedIn account, you can typically see limited information about your second-degree connections and third-degree connections. To access more data on LinkedIn, especially for 3rd-degree connections, you might consider upgrading to a premium LinkedIn subscription, as Sales Navigator may enable expanded visibility and additional search filters.


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