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Need additional help? Join our Slack Community or hire a coach to make the most of your PhantomBuster subscription!

Learning a new tool isn't always easy, and sometimes even the most tech savvy among us need extra help. At PhantomBuster, we're doing our best to make the product as user friendly as possible, with a large variety of resources to make sure all of your questions are readily answered.

First of all, what resources are already available?

All PhantomBuster users can reach out to our Customer Support team at anytime via support@phantombuster.com. While paying subscribers are prioritized, everyone who emails Support will receive a response in a timely manner between Monday and Friday. 

If you're brand new to PhantomBuster, we recommend attending the free PhantomBuster onboarding webinars, hosted every week to introduce the tool to our newest users. Register now to attend or receive the replay for the next PhantomBuster Fundamentals: Introduction to Automation and PhantomBuster Fundamentals: Advanced Product Training.

All subscribers can also join in the live weekly Q&A with an expert, hosted every Tuesday. Sign ups are limited to 10 people per session, so everyone has a chance to ask a few questions and learn together. Reserve your spot for the next Q&A with a PhantomBuster expert.

All Team plan subscribers and annual Pro plan subscribers have access to an priority support, whom they can contact also via support@phantombuster.com

If you prefer to find the answers on your own, don't hesitate to explore more of this Help Center! With over 70 articles, we have best practices, tutorials videos, and more, all designed to demonstrate everything you need to know to troubleshoot Phantom errors or solve an account and billing query.

For additional resources, don't forget the Blog and our recommended use cases. The Blog is filled with in-depth guides, and the use cases page highlights various ways you can combine Phantoms together to automate entire campaigns.

Where can I find extra help?

Perhaps you've exhausted everything above and still need help, or perhaps you're a people person and would rather chat with others to learn. In that case, join our new PhantomBuster Community!

Click on the Resources button in the right-hand corner in your PhantomBuster account, and then on Join our Slack Community:

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 11.37.54.png

Here you can meet other PhantomBuster users (some power users, others beginners just like yourself!) to learn about various use cases, inspire each other, and network. 

Thanks to our Community, we've created a small band of PhantomBuster certified coaches. These coaches are available for hire on a one-off basis (or more regular, as you need!) to address your specific automation needs. Learn more about the available coaches here.


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