How to connect your Personal ChatGPT account with PhantomBuster?

With our new Advanced AI Enricher Phantom, you can now leverage the power of PhantomBuster AI credits or use your own OpenAI account with your API key. Follow the steps below to connect with your Personal ChatGPT account and get started with the Advanced AI Enricher Phantom.

  1. In your Advanced AI Enricher Phantom, choose the appropriate option based on your ChatGPT subscription:
    a) gpt-3.5-turbo (OpenAI) or
    b) gpt-4 (OpenAI)
    c) gpt-4 turbo (OpenAI)
    d) gpt-4o (OpenAI)

    This will make the "Your OpenAI API Key" option available:

    Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 07.44.12.png

  2. Go to the API keys page of your ChatGPT account and either:
    a) Copy the API key from your previously created account.
    b) Create a new secret key and copy it.


  3. Paste the copied value into the 'Your OpenAI API key' field in your Phantom's setup.


  4. Click 'Save' - and you're all set!

Happy automating!


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