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In this article, we aim to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about AI Phantoms. So, without further ado, let's dive in and explore everything you need to know about AI Phantoms! All AI-related articles can be found in our dedicated Help Centre AI sub-section.

1. What’s the difference between using GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0? 

In a nutshell - GPT-4.0 is a pricier and more powerful language model than GPT-3.5, delivering enhanced response accuracy and coherence but demanding increased processing power and AI credit expenditure.
Find the details and specifics in our article:
GPT 3.5 Turbo vs GPT 4 - Cost, Capabilities, and Credit Consumption.

2. What is the difference between PhantomBuster credits and OpenAI tokens?

PhantomBuster credits are used whenever you use PhantomBuster<>OpenAI direct integration. Each PhantomBuster subscription will have a certain amount of AI credits allocated to their account. Check our Pricing Page for more information! 

On the other hand, OpenAI tokens will be used if you connect your Advanced AI Enricher Phantom to your OpenAI account directly by using the API. In this case you'll be spending the tokens directly from your OpenAI account.

Lastly, check out the Understanding AI credits article for additional information! 

3. How to send a message with AI LinkedIn Message Writer?

  1. Begin by generating the messages using our AI LinkedIn Message Writer. This tool will generate the desired content for your messages.

  2. Once the messages are generated, you can proceed to integrate them with any Message Sending Phantom or Flow of your choice to start sending them. 

4. How to make it less expensive? Can I remove some columns from "columns to feed ChatGPT" and make it cheaper?

The more inputs you feed to the OpenAI the more it will cost you, as its pricing is based on the data that it is consuming and outputting. Keep it balanced, as you also want to provide enough data for it to be able to craft a personalized message.

5. How to connect my ChatGPT via API?

Check out our step-by-step article: 
How to connect your Personal ChatGPT account with PhantomBuster?

6. Where to check how many AI tokens I have left?

You can check that by navigating to this link:
OpenAI Usage.

7. Which ChatGPT model do I use?

You can check that by navigating to this link:
OpenAI Account Rate Limits.

8. Can you explain how AI Phantoms work and how they enhance the user experience?

Check out our amazing video tutorials:

-> AI LinkedIn Profile Enricher Phantom

-> AI Message Writer Phantom

9. I've encountered a 429 error message. What now? 

If you encounter a 429 issue, it might be because you are using a free OpenAI account which does not support APIs or you may have reached your account's rate limits. Please go to your OpenAI usage page to resolve this issue.

10. What are the conversion rates? 

The rule that "1 token ~= 4 characters, 100 tokens ~= 75 words" is derived from OpenAI's page. You can find more details on tokenization at OpenAI Tokenizer.

For PhantomBuster<>OpenAI integration, the approximate conversion is around 100 tokens equal to 1 credit for GPT-3.5. 

Utilizing GPT-4 for a single response can consume up to 30 times more credits compared to GPT-3.5. 

For more information, check out this article: Understanding AI credits.

11. I don't have access to GPT4. Is there more I need to know? 

Not all users have access to GPT 4. For more information on this, please refer to this article.

12. Can I post comments on LinkedIn with AI?

Yes! This is possible with our new AI LinkedIn Post Responder. Check the Overview and Tutorial pages to get started! 


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!




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