Using spreadsheets as input: specifying where input is located

If you use a spreadsheet as input, the Phantom will take the data from Column A of your Google Sheet by default. If you'd like it to take data from another column, you need to specify the name of that column within your setup!

You can specify the name of the column that you would like your Phantom to process from your "Spreadsheet settings":


When your input spreadsheet has multiple columns, you have to look for your "Column name". The "Column name" is the title as found in row 1:


If you don't specify anything, your Phantom will process the 1st column of your spreadsheet by default. However, if you want the input to be the 5th column - twitterProfile in this example - you should let your Phantom know by selecting that title in the setup field above:


Be careful to enter the exact column title, so the Phantom can read the right information!

What if my spreadsheet does not contain a column title?

If you would like to scrape several Twitter profiles, and your spreadsheet will only contain the profile URLs, you can put all the URLs under column A:


And on the Phantom setup, since the column does not have a name, you set this field up as "-":


Like this, the Phantom will read column A by default.


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