Use PhantomBuster with Zapier

One way of loading the results of a Phantom's launch into Google Sheets is by using the =IMPORTDATA() formula. However, if you want to send scraped data from your Phantom to Google Sheets, you can automate this process using Zapier!

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of setting up automatic data transfer from your PhantomBuster account using Zapier!

1. Set up a trigger

Let’s say that you have a specific Phantom on your account as a Trigger for a Zap:


2. Choose Output action and data for migration

Select New Output action and select which data you would like to have migrated:

3. Add new rows to Google Spreadsheet

Select Google Spreadsheet action > Create multiple spreadsheet rows to add new lines after each launch.

4. Connect to your Google account

5. Set up headers and spreadsheet for Zapier

Create an empty sheet and add the headers’ names in the spreadsheet, and select them in Zapier:


6. Test action 

The data should be transferred to your spreadsheet automatically.

And that's it! Happy automating!


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