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Each Phantom produces results in both JSON and CSV files. Google Sheets documents are very convenient because they are available through public URLs as CSVs, and can be used to import (aka load) and view your data dynamically, so that you can keep on top of new data as it's being gathered.


- Obtaining your Phantom's results CSV

- Import it into Google Sheets

- Watch your data update dynamically

1. Obtaining your Phantom's results CSV

The result.csv you need is available on the console page of your Phantom, within "More." Click on "Copy link" to obtain its URL:



2. Import it into Google Sheets

In the A1 cell of your Google Sheet, enter the =IMPORTDATA() function (with the result.csv URL you just copied in quotation marks between the parentheses). It should look something like this:


 When you hit "Enter", the Google Sheet will load the contents of your results file for you.


3. Watch your data update dynamically

The beauty of this formula is that it will update your spreadsheet dynamically each time your Phantom launches, without you having to change anything. The results should refresh automatically every 2 hours, whether your file is open or closed. Alternatively, to manually refresh, add '?x' to your URL, where x is a random string.


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