Manage your PhantomBuster Emails

All PhantomBuster users can receive notifications about Phantoms' launches, the PhantomBuster newsletter, as well as other emails about the service. You can enable or disable these emails at any time. 


- Email notifications about your account resources 

- Email newsletter

- Email or Slack notifications about your Phantoms' activities

- Notifications - options explained

1. Email notifications about your account resources 

When you're running out of execution time, you will be notified by email. You can enable or disable this in your account's "Workspace settings":

workspace settings.png

Check the "Workspace members" in the right sidebar. From there you can enable notifications for each member.


2. Email newsletter

Each week, the PhantomBuster team sends a newsletter straight to your inbox featuring tips, recommendations, updates, and information about new releases. If you'd like to unsubscribe, you can do so in your account's "User settings":

user settings.png

Scroll to the bottom of the settings where you can uncheck the "It's okay to contact me by email" box, then make sure to click "Change settings" to save:


3. Email or Slack notifications about your Phantoms' activities

If you've left your Phantom to launch automatically throughout the day, you may want to be kept up to date with what it's doing. In the "Advanced Settings" step of each Phantom's setup, located in the left sidebar:

Advanced settings - left sidebar.png

You will find a "Email Notifications" section where you can choose whether you want to receive emails "In case of error," "In case of success," or not at all:

Advanced settings Email notifications.png

By default, all Phantoms will have the following Email Notifications turned on:

Screenshot 2024-07-15 at 16.02.04.png

Choose whether you'd like notifications only when you launch the Phantom manually, automatically, or both, and whether you'd like them via Email or Slack.

Slack option requires you to enter your Webhook - this page will show you how to get one:

Advanced settings popup webhooks.png

Notifications - options explained:

  • "Finished successfully" for a successful launch.
  • "Finished with error" for a launch that ended in error due to a problem with the Phantom's setup - e.g. an invalid session cookie or not being able to access your spreadsheet.
  • "Launch error" for when a Phantom failed to launch altogether - e.g. no remaining execution time or parallel launch limits.
  • "Time limit reached" to notify you that your execution time limit, or the time limit you set for the Phantom, has run out for the day. 


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