Use a spreadsheet as input to process multiple queries

Do you want to get more results from your Phantoms? The key is to provide more input data! Each Phantom needs input data to know exactly what you want it to process. By giving more input data, you can get more output or results.



1. Create and fill your spreadsheet

You can create a CSV file or a spreadsheet online, such as Google Sheets.

Start by listing your inputs in column A of your spreadsheet - and how do I know what the right input for my Phantom is? You’ll find which kind of input your Phantom needs by clicking on the "What you give" section, within the Phantom’s Overview page. For example, LinkedIn profile URLs for LinkedIn Profile Scraper.


Your spreadsheet will look like this:


No need for a column heading! The Phantom will take data column A by default.


2. Get a shareable link for your spreadsheet

Once you've listed your inputs, make sure your spreadsheet is publicly accessible by clicking on the "Share" button in the top right. 


It should be accessible to "Anyone with the link":


Then, click "Copy link" to copy the spreadsheet URL, or you can also copy directly from the search bar:


And paste it into the input field in the Phantom's setup:



3. Launch your Phantom to process your data

When you launch your Phantom it will work through the profiles you have listed one by one. With many Phantoms, you can choose how many lines of your spreadsheet you would like to process per launch. Most Phantoms will pick up from where they left off with each launch and continue working their way down your list of inputs.


Inputs not found in the first column

Phantoms will take data from column A by default, so if you're using a spreadsheet where your input data isn't found in column A, you can simply tell your Phantom which column to find it in.

Within your Phantom’s setup, you have to open the "Spreadsheet settings" and fill the section "Name of column containing profile URLs" with the column title. For example, "profileUrl" in the example below:



If you are getting a Phantom error that has to do with your spreadsheet as input, we recommend the article Phantom errors explained to help solve it.


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!

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