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Setting up an external proxy can be tricky. Here are some common proxy problems encountered by Phantoms, and the solutions to help you overcome them.

  1. Geographic location of your proxy's IP address
  2. Your proxy is not working

If you're just getting started with proxies, we recommend trying PhantomBuster built-in proxies that you can find in the "Advanced settings" within the Phantom's configuration. 

Explore more details on How and why to use a proxy. Alternatively, consider creating a Bright Data account!

1. Geographic location of your proxy's IP address

When choosing a proxy, make sure to choose a geographic location close to your own. If it is not close enough, social networks may still become suspicious of the Phantom's login attempts. We recommend Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks) as they have the largest IP selection in the world!

2. Your proxy is not working

It may be that your proxy simply doesn't work. You can test the proxy in your browser to check whether or not this is the case by adding the proxy to your computer's network settings and then trying to access the Internet to test the connection.

Once you're sure it's working with your browser, we'd recommend logging into your Facebook account with the proxy installed before using your Phantom. Don't forget to give the Phantom your updated session cookies!

(If you're using Firefox, check your browser settings to make sure it auto-detects your system proxy settings.)

  • For Mac:

Open System Preferences and go to "Network":


Click on "Advanced...":


Then click on the "Proxies" tab:


Choose "Web Proxy (HTTP)," then enter your proxy’s address and your login details:


Once you've clicked "OK", don't forget to also click "Apply" to save these settings!

  • For Windows:

Open "Settings":


Then go to "Network & Internet":


Click on the "Proxy" tab and choose "Manual proxy setup," switching "Use a proxy server" to "On." Enter your proxy’s address (which should look something like this:


Don't forget to hit "Save"!

When you connect to the internet, a pop-up window will ask for your proxy login details:Windows_-_proxy_login.jpg 


Important note: Make sure your proxy username and password do not contain any special characters such as "@" or "#", as this will cause the Phantom not to work!


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!

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