Rate Limit Guidelines for Social Network Automation

Social networks are always watching out for bot behaviour, which can result in your account being flagged or suspended. To protect your account and stay under the radar, you need to be aware of some best practices and rate limits. Find the Guidelines for each social network below!


- LinkedIn Rate Limits

- Instagram Rate Limits

- Facebook Rate Limits

- Twitter Rate Limits

  1. LinkedIn Rate Limits

    - With a regular LinkedIn account - a maximum of around 80 profiles per day (10 per launch x 8 times per day),
    - With a paid LinkedIn account - a maximum of around or 150 with a paid account.

    You should always spread your actions across several launches during office hours where possible.

    Recommended Rate limits for the most popular LinkedIn Phantoms: 

    • LinkedIn Search Export: 1k profiles per search URL x 1 launch per day
    • LinkedIn Auto Connect: 10 profiles x 8 launches per day
    • LinkedIn Profile Scraper: 10 profiles x 8 launches per day
    • LinkedIn Message Sender: 10 profiles x 8 launches per day

Reminder: You can double these numbers if you’re a LinkedIn Premium/Sales Navigator user.

Additionally, when email discovery is in use, process half of the proposed amount.

Check our comprehensive blog post for even more info. 

  1. Instagram Rate Limits

    Since the summer of 2019, Instagram has drastically updated its anti-automation algorithm. Therefore, we recommend a qualitative approach to automation for this network.

You should not auto-follow more than 1 account per hour and engage with (like/comment) with more than 20-40 posts per day. However, the limits for scraping posts or profiles are much less restrictive. 

Recommended rate limits for the top Instagram Phantoms:

    • Instagram Auto Follow: 1 account x 1 launch per hour
    • Instagram Auto Liker: 1-2 likes x 1 launch per hour
    • Instagram Auto Commenter: 10 per hour, 8 launches per day
    • Instagram Multiple Hashtag Collector: 5k posts x 20 launches per day
    • Instagram Following Collector: ~5k-9k profiles x 20 launches per day
    • Instagram Followers Auto Follow - max of 40 profiles per hour.
  1. Facebook Rate Limits

    - Facebook Group Members Export can take up to 4,000-5,000 members from a group.
    - Facebook Profile Scraper - maximum 5 profiles per hour

    Note: Facebook Phantoms require a Proxy in order to work.
  2. Twitter Rate Limits

    Stick to 10 profiles per launch and follow the guidelines below:
    • Twitter Auto Follow - 5-8 launches per day 
    • Twitter Auto Retweeter - 5-8 launches per day 
    • Twitter Message Sender - 5-8 launches per day  
    • Twitter Auto Liker - up to 1,000 tweets per day
    • Twitter Follower Collector -  5,000 followers every 2 hours 

Please note: Since July 1st 2023, Twitter has changed their official limits (Verified accounts are now limited to extracting 10.000 posts/day, unverified accounts are limited to 1000, while new unverified accounts are limited to 500 extractions). We are currently monitoring the situation for any updates!

Keep in mind: These limits apply to the full amount of actions you take on your account each day -- that includes the sum of all of your Phantoms' actions, as well as any manual activity you may be doing.

For even more information, check out our Avoid Shadowban and Ensure Account Safety article! 


Happy automating!


Did we miss a limit? For any limits unaddressed here, be sure to check out our Blog for the complete list: Every social network limitation any digital-marketer should know.


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