How to investigate why your Phantom gives error

Do you want to understand exactly what data your Phantom processes each launch? As simple bots, you can read what your Phantom does line-by-line by opening the log from each launch. By reading your Phantom’s log, you can also troubleshoot any potential issues!

Find and check your logs

When your Phantom is running an error or not behaving as expected, find out what's going on from your Phantom's console page. A console page is the page from which you launch your Phantom and can find all of its associated data and results.

When using our Flows, you will automatically be directed to the Flow Dashboard when clicking on your Phantom card. You can access your console page by replacing the word "dashboard" with "console" in the URL:

Once you are in the console page, you can click "Activity", where you will see information about each launch:Screenshot_2022-02-23_at_15.13.36.png


Once you've selected "Activity", you will be able to access your Phantom’s launch logs. Within your Phantom’s log, you will find detailed information about what your Phantom has done on each launch.
If your Phantom didn't behave as expected, this is a good place to look to understand why.

You can read this line by line and find potential errors and even their solutions. To access it, you have to hover over the launch of your interest and click "View log":


Below is an example of a successful launch of a LinkedIn Profile Scraper. Don't worry if the technical language seems intimidating, we're here to help simplify everything for you!

The end section will show either green checkmarks or yellow exclamation points to signify the success of the launch.
For example, you might see a message like this at the end of your log:

⚠️ We already processed all of this spreadsheet.

This informs how you should act next. In this example, this message means that the Phantom has processed all of its input, so you need to add more if you’d like it to provide more results!

The Phantom will not go over the input more than once, unless configured to do so. If you'd like to change that configuration, check out this demo video for all of your options: Will my Phantom pick up from where it left off?

If you use a spreadsheet as the input for your Phantom, a single Phantom will be able to process multiple inputs. All you need to do is update your input to get more results data: Use a spreadsheet as input!
That's just one example of a message you'll see within your Phantom's logs. The error message is usually straightforward and determines your next step to continue using this Phantom.

For other ideas of error messages and how to resolve them, check out our section: Problem with my Phantom!


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!


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