LinkedIn weekly invitation limit

If you're a PhantomBuster pro, you probably know all about automating according to our recommended rate limits. LinkedIn has recently changed their best practices and are starting to impose a limit of 100 invitations per week. If this has happened to your account, you've come to the right place.

As of Spring 2021, PhantomBuster has noticed this limitation affecting some users -- but not all! If this has not happened to your account, don't worry. You should continue automating at the level that works for your account. If you need any tips about what those levels should be, check out Rate Limit Guidelines for Social Network Automation article.

If your LinkedIn account has been hit with this new limitation, Buster recommends reducing your activity. It seems likely that more, if not all, LinkedIn users will soon face this limitation.

This is what the limit looks like: 


You've hit the limit. Now what?

Begin by automating the same amount of actions that you would do manually, all while respecting this new indication of 100 invitations per week. This is not a shadow ban; rather, this is simply a new limit that LinkedIn has imposed to regulate its users and prevent too many spam messages.

Make sure to continue automating during waking, business, hours, and spread out your launches to make your Phantoms' activity appear as human as possible. You can also use the LinkedIn Auto Withdraw Phantom to withdraw your pending invites.

Connect via personal email?

If you have a profile's personal email, it is possible to send a connection invitation via their email and thus bypass this new limitation. However, this won't work for most users, as you need to actually connect to the profile to have that personal email. Email Discovery services scrape LinkedIn profiles to retrieve professional emails, not personal ones. Without the personal email, you won't be able to send a connection request via email. Without connecting, you probably won't have access to the personal email. LinkedIn loves a catch-22!

You might have noticed that some of our competitors have introduced a work-around to bypass this limit. Check out our blog article to understand why we're not doing the same. Long story short: it's not GDPR compliant.

PhantomBuster's solution

PhantomBuster is keeping a close eye on this new restriction. Don't hesitate to reach Support directly if you have any questions.

For other suggestions and best practices about automating on LinkedIn, see How to protect your account from a shadow ban. For other, even more in depth guides, check out the PhantomBuster blog.


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!


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