User settings vs Workspace settings

Within your PhantomBuster account, you'll find two distinct settings – 'User settings' and 'Workspace settings.' These options empower you to manage various aspects of your account, including the associated email, password, VAT details, and more.


- User settings

- Workspace settings

- How to distinguish Private and Shared Workspace settings? 

To access these settings, simply hover over your name, which is located in the upper right corner of your PhantomBuster account. This action will unveil a comprehensive menu where you can effortlessly navigate and modify your preferences:

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 14.41.12.png

Check  out the Proxies and Billing articles to get the better understanding of those options. For full details about navigating the website and your Dashboard, check out Organize your Dashboard and Phantom console.

User settings

Your User settings allow you to change your name, email associated with your PhantomBuster account, and password. You can also input your company and job title, but that's not mandatory.

This is also where you can select to enable the developer mode, as well as email notifications:

 user settings page.png

To understand developer mode, check out Developers: Enable developer features. And for more details about emails you receive from PhantomBuster, see Unsubscribe from PhantomBuster emails.

Don't forget to click "Change settings" to save any changes!

Workspace settings

This is the information that will be used when your invoice is generated.

Within your Workspace settings, you can edit your payment information, VAT, third party API key, and other details.

Every account has at least one Workspace. This default Workspace is your personal Workspace. However, you can also create a Shared workspace. In the example below we can see the Workspace settings page of the shared workspace called "New Test Workspace":

shared workspace settings.png

This means it's possible to have more than one Workspace, one personal + all shared ones. They are all accessible via the dropdown menu when you click on your profile image in the top right corner. In the example below, we can see private workspace (Petra's workspace), and the shared one (New Test Workspace):

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 14.42.57.png

Having Shared Workspace is great if you want to share a subscription plan with your colleagues!

How to distinguish Private and Shared Workspace settings? 

Private Workspace settings will be called "My workspace settings":

my workspace settings.png

While the Shared ones will be called "Shared workspace settings" (as seen in the screenshot above). 


Don't forget to save any changes you make to your Workspace or User settings by clicking  on the "Save settings" button. 


Happy automating!


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