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Calling all new PhantomBuster users: Our onboarding webinar series is for you!
Check out PhantomBuster 101: Get onboarded with an Account Manager and PhantomBuster 102: Expand your automations!

Need a little extra help getting started with PhantomBuster? Well, look no further! 

Every week, we’ll be hosting one of the onboarding webinars, where you’ll learn how to navigate our website and get a demo of how to set up your first Phantoms.

In PhantomBuster 101, our team will give you a tutorial on how to build an automated workflow and get familiar with the PhantomBuster environment.

Don't miss your chance to get ahead, sign up for the next PhantomBuster 101 and join us at 5pm CET!

With PhantomBuster 102, the onboarding goes a step further into more complicated lead generation use cases, ultimately making all attendees PhantomBuster power users. 

Sign up here for the next PhantomBuster 102 and join us at 5pm CET!

In both 101 and 102, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from our live support agents. 

Keep your eyes peeled for any additional use cases our hosts will be covering in special edition webinars… you don't want to miss out!

Take note: Replays are only available for those who have signed up!

Not a beginner, but still have questions?

Sign up to join the Q&A with a PhantomBuster expert. 

This 30 minute meeting with a PhantomBuster expert is your opportunity to ask your specific questions and get an answer -- live. 

The Q&A is hosted weekly and registration is limited to 10 people, so our PhantomBuster expert will have time to address each of your questions.

It will be a roundtable discussion, a free for all, an "office hours" setting to ask anything you want to know about automating on PhantomBuster. We can cover tips and tricks, best practices, and use case ideas.

As always, please direct any additional questions to


For all upcoming webinars, check out the PhantomBuster webinar page


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