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Our Billing page displays all the available plans you can subscribe to on PhantomBuster. 

A subscription is primarily based on the amount of execution time you have available and the number of Phantoms you can use at the same time. 

What's the execution time?

When you launch a Phantom, a bot browses the web on your behalf. The time needed to execute all its actions is called "Execution time." It resets every month and does not stack over time. For more details, check out this article.

E.g. Two Phantoms running for 5 minutes each will count as 10 minutes of used execution time.

What's a Phantom slot?

A Phantom is a bot or automation which browses the web on your behalf. The number of Phantoms you can "install" and "launch" at the same time depends on your subscription plan. To organize these, check out this article.

E.g. If you want to use LinkedIn Auto Connect on two different LinkedIn accounts, you need 2 Phantom slots. 

What's the email discovery service? 

One of the main needs of our users is to find professional email addresses. Sometimes these aren't publicly available. So, we created "email discovery" to use a full name and company name to return a verified email address on average 70% of the time. For more details, see this section.

AI Credits 

The number of AI credits available to use with your AI Phantoms, which you can use to enrich your leads or write custom messages, among other things.

Do I need to know how to code? 

Absolutely not! PhantomBuster has evolved and turned into a tool for creative, non-technical people. Building advanced strategies for helping your team grow doesn't have to be bound to technical skills anymore. 

Why do I need a proxy?

All our automation is executed from the cloud. Poetic as it sounds, our cloud is actually down here on earth, and has addresses all over the world. Sometimes websites consider it weird that you connect from your home town, in Europe for instance, and moments later from PhantomBuster in the USA. To avoid this issue, you may need to use a proxy.

What's file storage?

All the data you get from our services is stored on our servers. Your file storage amount is the space you’re allowed with any PhantomBuster account. If you reach the limit, you’re free to download or delete it as you like. You can also ask our team to make you a custom plan. If your storage is full and you need to free up space, check out this article! 

What are CAPTCHA credits?

You've probably encountered CAPTCHAs in your life, those little boxes that verify if you’re human. Believe it or not, they can be overcome. It’s just a bit costly. For that reason, we had to create this extra credit. Only a few of our Phantoms need them.

Can I code my own automation?

Yes, absolutely! Teams with developers can create their own custom scripts, execute them from PhantomBuster and chain them within workflows. Check out our "how to" doc for more information.

What happens when I switch plan?

When you change your subscription plan, your resources (including your available execution time) will be immediately updated to match your new plan, whether this is lower or higher.

If you switch plan during your current subscription month/year, your payments will be prorated accordingly. So, if you switch to a higher pricing plan, what you have already paid will be taken into consideration and you will only pay the difference between the two plans, and only for the remaining days of your subscription cycle. If you switch to a lower pricing plan, you will be left with a positive balance on your account and your future payments will be prorated accordingly. 

Custom plans

We are happy to discuss the creation of a custom plan to suit your specific automation needs. Please reach our Support and let us know how many Phantom slots, monthly hours of execution time, and monthly email discovery credits you'd like and we'll get back to you with a price.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to create the plan as you envision it, but we'll do our best to accommodate your needs!


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!

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