Card charge failed

If we've failed to successfully charge your card for your subscription payment, you'll be notified by a banner along the top of your account.

If the initial attempt to charge your card fails, PhantomBuster will automatically try to charge your card again each day until a successful payment is made. The service will attempt to charge your card each day for 9 days. There's no need to worry if you've updated your details and you're still seeing this message - just be patient for the next charge!

However, in order to make sure the charge goes through successfully next time, here are a few things you can check.

Double-check your billing details

The first thing to do is be extra sure that you've entered all of your payment card and billing address details correctly on your Billing page:

edit payment info.png

When entering your card details in the first place, you may come across an error suggesting that your card number or ZIP code seem invalid - please note that this is a generic error which could be referring to any of your billing details being incorrect (card or address), so you should check over all of them.

Paying with Spendesk

If you're using a Spendesk card, you'll likely have a limit set for your PhantomBuster payment. However, you may not have accounted for VAT - if you are in Europe and have not provided your VAT ID, you will be charged VAT on top of the subscription prices shown on our website. The rate will be determined by the country in your address. In this case, you should increase your Spendesk limit to account for the additional cost.

Contact your bank

If you cannot see any issues with the billing details on your account, it could be that your bank is blocking the transaction. You may need to contact them to clear your payment.


If you have never paid on PhantomBuster before, or we have failed to charge your card for a number of days in a row, your account will be blocked and you will not have access to your resources until a successful payment is made. To unblock your account, contact our Support.


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!

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