Plan Features and Choosing the Right Plan

Each subscription plan is characterized by different quantities of these main features:

  • Phantom slots: the number of Phantoms you can have installed on your account simultaneously.
  • Execution time: the total amount of time available for your Phantoms to run.
  • Email discovery credits: the number of professional emails you’ll be able to search for.
  • AI Credits: the number of tokens you can use with our AI Phantoms.

Execution time, Email Discovery credits, and AI Credits are counted on a monthly basis.

Each of these characteristics increases according to the subscription plan.

To know which plan suits you best, make use of our 14-day free trial to test out different Phantoms and determine the amount of Phantoms and execution time needed to fulfil each goal.

Resources per plan breakdown (3).png

Please note that, depending on your location, the pricing may be displayed in euros instead of dollars.

Here are some insights that could help you choose a plan that would suit your needs.

  • The Starter plan is perfect for single users or punctual needs.
  • The Pro plan is suited for small companies or prospecting sales teams.
  • The Team plan is tailored for teams and agencies automating different areas: data enrichment, prospecting, audience growth...

Of course, you are free and encouraged to use any plan that best fits your specific needs without necessarily finding yourself in the personae mentioned above.

What if you’d like to use one PhantomBuster account for multiple people?

Let’s say you’re a team of 3 salespeople using the same PhantomBuster account, and you each want to automate your respective LinkedIn accounts. 

If you'd like to have a collaborative platform accessible to both you and each of your team members, check out How to Create a Workspace!


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