Import enriched data directly into your HubSpot, Salesforce or Pipedrive CRM

These Phantoms have been created to make it easier for you to migrate large batches of data directly into your CRM, in just seconds. 

Firstly, let's chat about HubSpot. 

What are the benefits, and do I need a paid HubSpot CRM account?

The HubSpot CRM Enricher Phantom ensures data that is up to speed, stored in one centralised database that is regularly updated. You don’t need a paid HubSpot CRM account to enjoy the benefits of this Phantom, a free account works just as well!

Check out our blog post, How to enrich your HubSpot CRM database in just 10 minutes, which shares a complete rundown of how to use this superstar Phantom. In addition to this, there are three use cases to get you informed about the powerful benefits of this Phantom!

But wait, there’s more.

If you regularly use Sales Navigator and HubSpot (a dream duo for any sales and marketing team) and you don’t have them integrated yet, this blog shows you exactly how- in addition to other important tips and tricks you want to know!

Any Salesforce fans out there? 

The Salesforce CRM Enricher Phantom is your greatest database when it comes to monitoring your sales strategy and targets. This highly ranked CRM has many benefits, such as allowing your team to track a deal from the first day until the deal has been sealed. Ready to get set up? We're here to help with this insightful blog post to help you get started: A complete guide to enriching your Salesforce CRM database.

Take note: Salesforce will only allow API access with their Enterprise subscription plan and above, or their Developer Edition. To use this Phantom, you will need one of these subscriptions. 

Last, but certainly not least- Pipedrive.

The Pipedrive CRM Enricher Phantom allows you to keep track of all of your sales targets and their progress in your sales funnel. This wondrous tool is what all managers and salespeople need who want to focus on what's important: growth! Once again, we have you covered with a complete guide to enriching your Pipedrive CRM database. In this blog post, we'll be sharing our tips, a video tutorial, and three use cases to transform how you leverage your data.

We also wholeheartedly recommend the Pipedrive Academy for tailored training courses and video guides. You can also find a great selection of content for all levels on the Pipedrive YouTube channel.

We hope this article, in some small way, has helped pave the way for your future success! 🚀


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