Deprecated Phantoms

In our efforts to provide you with the best quality automation tools, certain Phantoms will no longer be available in our Phantom store. Don’t worry, great and new ideas are on the horizon!

Why have some Phantoms been deprecated?

Certain Phantoms require significant maintenance to make them work consistently, which in turn takes up a lot of time from our engineering and support teams. These efforts are unfortunately not proportional to the benefits these Phantoms provide for most users. For this reason, we have instead decided to invest our time into new Phantoms and features, as well as maintaining and improving the Phantoms that are of most value to you.

Can I keep using these Phantoms?

If you have any of these Phantoms installed on your dashboard, you can keep using them. However, they may not continue to work as expected. With all social platforms constantly changing, we work hard to keep our Phantoms up to date and working on a daily basis, but if a Phantom is deprecated, it won’t receive further maintenance from our engineers. 

If the Phantom is no longer working as expected, you can delete it from your dashboard to free up a slot. Remember to download your results files first, as these will be deleted along with the Phantom and you won’t be able to get them back. As these Phantoms will no longer be available in our store, you will also not be able to reinstall them. 

Will I receive support if I face an issue with these Phantoms?

Our Support team will not be able to troubleshoot problems related to these Phantoms anymore. You will only be able to use them as long as they are still compatible with the platforms on which they are automating.

Will these Phantoms ever come back?

At the moment, we don’t have plans to revive these Phantoms in the near future. However, as a user-centered company, your opinion is fundamentally important to us, so we are open to hearing your feedback. Reach out to our Support team at any time, we’d be happy to hear from you!

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