Create a custom Phantom with the PhantomStore

Interested in a custom Phantom or Flow? The PhantomStore Developer Program can help!

We are excited to announce the creation of an additional program to create custom scripts tailored to your exact automation needs — the PhantomStore.

What's the difference between PhantomBuster and PhantomStore?

First of all, let's clarify what PhantomBuster does.

PhantomBuster offers over 130 different Phantoms and Flows for you to automate your lead generation campaigns and general data scraping.

PhantomBuster's Engineering team works hard to create and maintain each Phantom and Flow. Phantoms are scripts coded by web developers to carry out single actions on the web. For example, one Phantom could scrape profiles on LinkedIn, another automates connection requests, another scrapes the members of a Facebook group. Flows, on the other hand, are multiple actions sequenced together in a single setup. When you use a Flow, you enable the automation of an entire series of events. Check out the full Phantom catalog to peruse all of your options.

PhantomBuster's main focus is lead generation. With Flows like the LinkedIn Search to Lead Connection and Google Maps Search to Contact Data, PhantomBuster subscribers automate entire campaigns and access qualified, organized data in a matter of days instead of weeks.

The PhantomBuster Product team does their best to identify the most common and effective use cases in order to deliver your best results with PhantomBuster.

But what if your use case is so specific you can't find what you need with PhantomBuster?

Welcome, PhantomStore!

The PhantomStore Developer Program (PSDP) is a small community of external web developers that code custom scripts for our users. The PhantomStore team will help you, the user, identify if your use case is possible to automate (we're confident in our web scraping abilities, but some things are actually impossible). We'll pair you with a vetted developer from the PSDP and manage the creation of the custom Phantom or Flow. Once your custom Phantom has been created, you'll be able to use it on your PhantomBuster Dashboard.

As each Phantom created by the PSDP will be unique to your needs, pricing will also be custom to your particular project. Prices will be determined based on the complexity of the custom script and the time it takes to develop.

As a brand new offering, the PhantomStore team and PSDP are still relatively small and will only be able to accommodate some requests.

What kind of custom scripts can the PhantomStore develop?

The PhantomStore is looking for any projects that fall outside of PhantomBuster's traditional scope. Perhaps you would like to scrape certain details from a vendor's website; or maybe you want to connect your results to a CRM that PhantomBuster doesn't offer (check out the ones we do here). Perhaps one of the PhantomBuster Flows you use needs one more step to automate your exact internal process? Anything goes — if you're unsure, reach out!

What next?

If you have a custom need that falls outside of PhantomBuster's existing catalog, fill out this form survey detailing your exact custom needs for the PSDP.

If you have a feature request to adjust an existing Phantom or Flow, contact Depending on the request, it will be redirected to PhantomBuster Product team or to the PSDP.

If you're a developer interested in joining our PSDP community, contact

If you have any other questions or doubts, contact


Happy automating!


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