Invalid input

When setting up your Phantom, your spreadsheet must be publicly accessible for the Phantom to read the data and know what to process, and it also needs to be in the correct format. Different Phantoms require different types of input. If you get the error “Invalid input“, it means that the input isn’t in the correct format.

To fix this issue, you need to give your Phantom the correct type of input. You can find out which type of input is required for each Phantom when you open the card of any Phantom in the store and clicking in the “What you give“ section:


You can click on the “What you give“ box and to see the specific type of input:


For example, if you are using a LinkedIn Profile Scraper, you need to make sure the input is in the right format: a LinkedIn profile URL. You will also find which type of input it’s required within the Phantom’s configuration:


You can also open your Phantom's logs to find out more about the reason behind the error. This article explains how to do it: How to investigate why your Phantom gives error.


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