Input already processed

Phantoms use the result CSV file to know which inputs it has already processed, skipping them in the next launches. So once a URL has been processed, it won't be processed again.

If your Phantom is displaying the message "Input already processed", it means it has finished the work and has gone through the whole list of profiles from the input list.

Take note: If you’d like your Phantom to reprocess your inputs from the start again, you can rename your results file at any point between launches.

When you rename your results file, the Phantom will create a new results file and process your inputs from the start again. You can do this from Behavior > Results file settings.

Behaviour Results file settings Name.png

If your Phantom doesn't have the "Result file settings" option, you can easily configure folder management settings. Click on the "Advanced settings in the left sidebar:

Advanced settings - left sidebar.png

In the pop-up window, navigate to the "Folder Management" tab and choose between "Delete previous files" or "Create new files" based on your preferred setup to force Phantom to reprocess the provided input with each launch.

If you would like to choose the "Delete previous files" option, remember to download your data first. 

Advanced settings popup file management tab.png

For additional details on Folder management options and how they impact your Phantom's performance, refer to our comprehensive article: Will my Phantom pick up from where it left off?


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