Waiting time for new logs reached

Have you encountered the error message "Waiting time for new logs reached"? This can happen when too many pages are open simultaneously. But don't worry, here we've got some solutions for you!

Phantoms load results in the same way as you would manually. When opening too many pages in a single launch, your Phantom may end up waiting for an excessive number of results to load, making it unable to continue scraping.

You can troubleshoot this issue by splitting your launches and limiting the number of inputs to process during each launch.

To do this, navigate to the "Behavior" step of your Phantom and set a lower number of inputs to process per launch, whether it’s profiles, websites, or results, depending on the task that you are automating. If you're using a spreadsheet as input for your Phantom, especially one with hundreds or thousands of rows, you can reduce the number of rows in your spreadsheet to process per launch. By limiting the number of inputs your Phantom processes in each launch, you prevent it from getting stuck due to overwhelming data.

In addition, you can set your Phantom up with automatic and repeated launches. This will keep your Phantom running even if you step away from the computer. Once it’s set to launch automatically, the Phantom will pick up from where it left off with each launch, and you will be able to process your inputs progressively in batches.

By automating your Phantom in this way, you can efficiently tackle large datasets without encountering the "Waiting time for new logs reached" error.


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