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At PhantomBuster we know that email addresses are key for your company's marketing and growth. The problem is finding them in the first place. Here are all the Phantoms that can help.

  1. Emails for businesses
  2. Emails from web pages
  3. Emails from social media profiles
  4. Professional emails
  5. Emails from a list of names


Emails for businesses

A couple of our Phantoms target specific directories where you can find a wealth of contact information, including email addresses, for small and large business alike:


Emails from web pages

You can scrape any email addresses displayed on generic public web pages (often in the "Contact info" section of a website) using either of the following Phantoms:


Emails from social media profiles

When people have chosen to publicly share their personal email addresses on social network profiles, such as on their Instagram business account or LinkedIn contact info, you can use one of the following Phantoms to scrape them:

Please note that some social networks such as Facebook do not display email addresses, so Phantoms will not be able to access them.

Instagram doesn't make its non-business account users' email addresses publicly available on its desktop version, which is what PhantomBuster uses to automate your account. So the Phantom will ordinarily not have access to them. An exception to this is if they are written in the account bio, which will be extracted with Instagram Profile Scraper.


Professional emails

If the email addresses you're looking for can't be found anywhere, don't panic! Our email discovery service takes a full name plus a company name and uses them to create a professional email address, test it, and, if verified, returns it to you.

This feature is mostly used with LinkedIn Phantoms, where both full names and company names are available and most accurate. So, you can use:

Finding professional emails just got even easier with our new Flows:


Emails from a list of names

This will be a lot more difficult, and not always doable. But that doesn't mean you don't have options:


To note about email discovery credits

Each of PhantomBuster's paid subscription plans includes a certain amount of daily email discovery credits, or you can use those you have with our partners Dropcontact and Each credit corresponds to one attempt made at finding a verified professional email addresses. Be aware that sometimes it is not possible, and so the return rate may not always be equal to your credit count. For more details, check out this article.


If you think this article does not address your issue, please contact Support directly. We are continuously improving, so your feedback means the world to us!

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