Execution time

When you choose a subscription plan, you need to take into account the Execution time needed for your automations. When you launch a Phantom, the time needed to execute all of its actions is called "Execution time." 

Each subscription plan comes with a set amount of Execution time for you to use throughout the month. Be careful, if you run out before the month is over, you'll need to upgrade to access more subscription time! We recommend considering how much time you'll need on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, to estimate how much time you'll need overall.

How to estimate the amount of Execution needed?

You might be unsure about how much Execution time you’ll need when you start using PhantomBuster. So how can you estimate how much is required?

It usually takes around 30 seconds to scrape a profile, or to send a connection request or message, and approximately 3 seconds to like or comment on a post. It also takes somewhere between 5-10 minutes to export a search of 1000 profiles or posts.

These estimations will depend on the configuration of your Phantoms and the networks where the automations are done. Therefore, to estimate the Execution time you’ll need, you must define your goals and identify which Phantoms you’ll need to use.

Let’s illustrate it with a simple scenario:

You’re a regular LinkedIn user and you want to scrape the profiles you’ve extracted from a search. You’re aware of the rate limits for LinkedIn and won’t scrape more than 80 profiles per day.

You can use the LinkedIn Profile Scraper Phantom to complete this goal with the following repeated launches set up:

10 profiles processed per launch x 8 launches per day, i.e. 80 profiles scraped per day.
The execution time needed? 80 * 30 seconds = 40 minutes per day. In this case, if that’s all you want to do, our Starter plan would be enough for you to use ~40 minutes per day for a month.

However, if you’re part of a team working from the same PhantomBuster account, you may need to take into account how many people are using it.

Let’s illustrate this with a second scenario:

You are a team of 3 sales people and you want to complete prospecting campaigns on Sales Navigator. Having Premium LinkedIn accounts allows each of you to connect with 150-160 profiles per day instead of 80. 

Each of you will need to use a dedicated Sales Navigator Auto Connect Phantom with the following repeated launches set up: 20 profiles processed per launch x 8 launches per day.

This makes 160 connection requests per day x 3 users = 480 connection requests per day with the same account. The Execution time needed? 480 * 15 seconds = 120 minutes per day. In this case, our Pro plan would be a better choice for you.

Additionally, leveraging automatic launches can prove immensely beneficial for streamlining and optimizing this process.

If you start with our 14-day free trial, you’ll quickly discover how much execution time you need to accomplish your goals!

In this article, you can learn more about Resetting Execution time.

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