Email Discovery Credits

Each PhantomBuster plan comes with a certain amount of email discovery credits:

  • 500 per month with the Starter Plan
  • 2500 per month with the Pro Plan
  • 10000 per month with the Team Plan

When you set up Phantoms like Professional Email Finder or LinkedIn Profile Scraper, you have the option to use the PhantomBuster email discovery service and be given any emails found in your results.csv file.


This service won't find just any email addresses! This service finds the following email addresses:

  • Professional: The emails we deliver are nominative company emails like
  • Verified: To avoid emails bouncing, we verify addresses before we deliver them to you.
  • GDPR compliant: All the emails have been generated by algorithms. If your legal department is hesitant about you using PhantomBuster, put us in touch with them.


Note: Each email discovery credit corresponds to one attempt made at finding verified professional email addresses. Be aware that sometimes this is not possible, and so the return rate may not always be equal to your credit count.


If you want to know more about how to get emails with PhantomBuster, check out this article!


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